• 2. Muniza Javed+Dr. Ahmed Usman
Keywords: Educational Institutions, Security, Terrorism, Terrorist activities


Terrorism is the major social problem and a burning issue all over the world and Pakistan is a victim of terrorist activities from many years up till now as well as also considered as the home ground or the saving place for terrorists. Frequent terrorist activities had done on various places in Pakistan from last few years including religious places, public places and educational institutions. Last year after the massive attack on APS School which took the lives of so many innocent children, all the educational institutions got shut for almost more than a month due to terrorism threats. The present study is conducted to investigate the perceptions and experiences of students about the threats of terrorist activities on educational institutions. The present study used qualitative research methods to explore the views, perceptions and experiences of students from Punjab University Lahore about the effect of terrorist’s attacks and threats on their life and studies. Interpretive approach has been used for getting a deeper and richer insight into the issue. Furthermore, an inductive approach was used to develop a substantive theory through the analysis of collected data. Findings revealed that Punjab University have least security measurements for students as it is not a priority of government and University management to provide security to students. Terrorist activities have affected the whole pattern of education in university and cause academic delay, semester squeeze and stressful exams. It also affects the mental health of students. Other than that, students also revealed the internal weakness and problems of Punjab University is becoming a support to terrorist activities and production. The findings also reveal that educational institution of society is under severe threats from terrorists, external forces as well as from bad governance of Pakistan. Terrorism is not an external problem instead of that it is an internal problem.

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2. Muniza Javed+Dr. Ahmed Usman. (2020). EFFECTS OF TERROISM AND RELIGIOUS EXTREMISM ON STUDENTS’ LIFE: A CASE STUDY OF PUNJAB UNIVERSITY. Epistemology, 5(1), 10-22. Retrieved from http://journal.epistemology.pk/index.php/epistemology/article/view/100