• 5. Sehar Malik+ Madiha Aslam
Keywords: Western Culture, Civilization, Factor Analysis, Discriminant Analysis


The research was conducted to study the effect of western culture on Pakistani Society. The main objective of research was to test which factor contribute more. The Universe of the study was consisted of students from University of Punjab, Lahore. A sample of 275 students was drawn. The technique of convenience Sampling was used for this purpose. Questionnaire was used as a tool for data collection and face to face method was used as survey method. For testing the hypothesis, the qualitative data was quantified by giving codes to the response of the respondents. The method of factor analysis was applied to extract the most effective factors and method of Discriminant analysis was applied to explain the variation in the dependent variable by some independent variables. The method was used by taking 5% level of significance using SPSS Package. From Discriminant analysis it was concluded that the independent variable (Impact of western culture) contribute more in favor of dependent variable (people wear western and Indian dresses) than other independent variable (behavior of people towards tradition). It was concluded from study that western culture has negative impact on Pakistani youth as they prefer to follow western culture.  

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5. Sehar Malik+ Madiha Aslam. (2020). DISCRIMINANT ANALYSIS OF WESTERN CULTURE ON PAKISTANI YOUTH. Epistemology, 5(1), 57-66. Retrieved from http://journal.epistemology.pk/index.php/epistemology/article/view/106