• Gulnaz Sattar,Dr. Samina A.Qadir
Keywords: Feminism, Postfeminism, Islam, Empowerment, Pakistan, Fiction



This article explores a prominent shift in the feminist discourse in writings of Pakistani contemporary authors in Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The author explain the new domain of feminist in current situation of Pakistani which is somehow personalized and private version of self, who acts as subjects, their main agenda is to empower women within Pakistan under the spectrum of Islam. The writing chosen is a novel by Pakistan writer who inspects the scenario in current situation of Pakistan where everything is so globalized and modernized. The researcher main focus is to study the change in the feminist ideology found in the mindset of women in 21st century to see their struggles as Muslim women. The struggles of the female characters of novel “Beautiful From this Angle” by Maha Khan Philips have been studied under the theory of “Postfeminist Sensibility” proposed by Rosalind Gill. The present research explains the survival of women in modern times without losing their subjectivity under patriarchy. The genre of chick lit has been chosen for this. This article voices the larger concern over the rise of a new generation of Islamic revivalist feminists who seek to rationalize all women's rights within the religious framework and render secular feminism irrelevant while framing the debate on women's rights exclusively around Pakistani culture and tradition. This is only likely to produce a new, radicalized, religious-political feminism dominating Pakistan's political future.


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