A study of Morphological Discussion in the based Takmilah Fath Al-Mulhim

  • Dr. Zil e Huma


The discpline of Hadith Studies is one of the richest and exclusive discipline of knowledge as its branches extends to hundred.The religious scholars had written thousands monographs concerning Hadith interpretations and explanations.Many voluminous works appeared and exist and each of them is a commendable contribution to Hadith explanations.one of significant works on Hadith explanations is"Takmila Fath-al-Mulhim" that is the result of scholastic efforts of many years by Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani.This explanation of Hadith book Muslim was originated and finished till the"section of Marriage" by Allama shabbir Ahmad Usmani but he couldn't extend to it to the last chapter due to his political engagements and later his demise closed the chapter.Mufti Muhammad Taqi usmani completed the remaining work. Apart from other discussions, the morpholigical deliberations of words of Prophetic traditions have been taken under consideration in the commentaries in the book. The author mentions the root of the word, differences of linguists, etymology, phonology, synonyms, alternative expressions and vocal sounds etc where needed. The articles provides handsome information in this regards.

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